Her Little Space

Our daughter, Aerwen wants her own space now that she’s getting older, so this great guest house was just the ticket, decorated in true girly fashion for her. Hope she enjoys it!
Shopping List
Painted Pixels – Little Living
This cute one room dwelling is perfect for a guest house and rings in a 21Li and measures 14×8. It is an exclusive at the  RFL Home and Garden Expo March 15- April 7. Their area can be found on Hope Sim 9.
~The Green Door~ – Rocking Chair
Comes in 4 different color choices, shown here is, Dusty Rose. This is a donation item at RFL Home and Garden Expo. Their area can be found on Hope Sim 1
{-sonder-} – Blossoms Bed Set
Complete set is 35 prims with 41 animations total
Bookshelf is 7 Li
 Bed is 12 Li, Seats 2 avatars, includes 6 hang out animations, 3 sleep animations, 6 parent/child animations, and has rezzable toys, books, bedspread, & game.
 Bench is 12 Li, Seats 3 avatars, 14 child animations, 6 parent animations, 1 parent/child snuggle, and has rezzable toys & books.
 and Rug which is 2Li, seats 2 avatars with 5 animations and also has rezzable toys & books.
These can be purchased as a full set or each piece separately. Also an exclusive at the RFL Home and Garden Expo Their booth is on Hope Sim 7

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