Gypsy Style

Such a fantastic life! Living the Boho free spirited way with bold colors and easy on the eyes decor. These items are all part of a collection by [CIRCA]  exclusive at  Boardwalk March 15 – April 15. The event exclusives can be found for 50% Off each piece. The core theme is aqua and sea blue.  The main chairs are covered in either velvet or bead fabrics with many choices via touch menu.  Each come in a set of 2 with 56 high quality sit animations in all.  The velvet ottoman matches the one chair with 30 lounge type animations (male & female).  Even the sitting chests have anims! 16 in all and the lid opens on touch.  One of the special pieces is the beautifully tiled side table with various options, either ornate with working orb light or simple version.  This was made to compliment the chairs and are available in 2 sets of 4 tables (variants for options).  Other pieces to compliment the collection is the drawer chest, mirrors, birdcage, lantern lighting and large array of area rugs.  All these items can be mixed and matched to fill out your room spaces and create a personal look.

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