Aslan at Rest

Between the battles and guiding young royals, Aslan takes a rest in one of his favorite groves.
  – :Norvaris: Elven Gateway Set
Several different sets to choose from, each includes 4 versions, phantom or opening doors, with and without plants option.
 – :Norvaris: Elven Willow Tree Sets
There are 8 versions to choose from, each come in 2 sizes (2 with animated butterflies and 2 without).
All with crystal light strands and animated fireflies as well.
– :Falaern: Stone Plant Bed Sets
These also have several sets to choose from. Each include 2 versions, 1 with light stone and mossy soil & 1 with dark stone and dark soil. Both come with animated fireflies.
You can find all of these items at the Fantasy Faire April 18 – May 5 . You can find the booth on the Twilight Spring sim.
.Lunaria. – Elfin Herb Field
This is animated mesh and an exclusive at the  Fantasy Faire. You can find the booth on the Light of Valoth sim.
Jinx – Aslan Gacha
This gacha collection has 16 commons (animesh moving props 8 natural/8 snow)  and 2 rares (animesh companions natural and snow), an ultrarare animesh companion with texture hud and sparkles. These can also be found at the Fantasy faire on the Faireholm sim.

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