The Dog Rescue

We decided to start a dog rescue. Gwen and I love all of our dogs and cannot stand to see any out and about, lost without  a home. Adopt today!
.:Short Leash:. – Cozy Kennel
Though this is originally created for a different sort of “Puppy”, it is great for those dogs we have in SL as well. Or even just as decor outside. It is original mesh, materials enabled, RLV enabled, comes with 7 bento enabled animations, and there is a decor version included,. There are also 7 door sign options, 5 side, trim, beam, and roof textures, and a door with lock and access options.
Candy Crunchers –  Mini Fridge
This is a cute decor item with several great colors available separately or in a fatpack.
Petit Chat –  Milk Churns Set
 This set includes :
Garden Fork, Milk Churn, Milk Churn with cow,  and Cow Ceramic
Park Place Home – Boardwalk Patio Set
A really great patio set which is PG (singles/cuddles animations). The chair has 57 animations and the sofa has 92 animations.
All of these items are exclusives at Boardwalk May 15 – June 15

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