Shabby Chic Love

 A great little corner of the room filled with more amazing items available at Boardwalk May 15 – June 15
InsurreKtion – brings us the  Ellen Living Set (PG)
The full set is material enabled,  and includes 10 leather textures, 8 blanket textures, 2 metal, 60 animations, fully control light menu,  as well as copy/mod permissions. Items include:
– Chaise Lounge (PG) – 5 L.I.
 – Deco Set – 1 L.I. each one
 – Reading Lamp – 3 L.I.
 – Sideboard – 1 L.I.
– Wall Lamp – 2 L.I.
– Watercolor – 1 L.I.
Anna’s Attic also has some great items for sale at the event including :
3 piece sets which consist of  (curio cabinet, hall table and pitcher vase) totaling 9 Li. There are 4 different versions available to fit your decor. Shown here is the:
– Farmstead Hall Table (Worn Tiffany)
– Farm Pitcher Tin (Celery)
– Farmstead Curio   (Rosita)
Also shown and on sale at the event is this great Scandi Mirror by Eclectic.
This includes 5 texture options for each set of parts (base, shelves, and supports).1 Li

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