Backyard Picnic

We are having family over to visit and decorated our backyard to make it great to hang out. Staycations can be fun too!
 Kozy Korner – Romantic Stilt Fort
This cute fort with 4 texture changes to the pillows and blanket is adorable. The plants are in the box but not attached to the fort for the customer can do placement to fit their own land. Adult and PG versions available. This is an exclusive at Boardwalk May 15 – June 15
Salacity – Pick-a-Nick table and accessories.
The table is aged/sun-bleached wood, with plenty of animations for both solo and couples use. Some props are included also. It comes in a PG or Adult version.A set of accessories is also available to make your picnic experience fuller! A tablecloth, picnic basket, drinks, condiments, and two coolers (one with simple sitting animations and the other with a drink-giver) are all included here. You can also get the whole set, table + accessories, in either PG or Adult versions.These items are also exclusives at Boardwalk
Also shown is the Just Animals – Basset Hound Sitting
It is mesh and full perm.

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