Voodoo Lounge

 While waiting for that Voodoo doctor, I decided to look around a bit. Wow, this is the strangest medical clinic I have ever been to!
– Jackson Sq Voodoo Table Decor & Tables Set includes 2 tables, and 2 different skull decors, 5 Li copy/mod
– Voodoo Velvet Stools & Table Set includes 2 tables, 4 chairs with animations, and is mod/copy, each 1 Li
– Ouija Table with Physical working pointer includes a scripted and non scripted table, chair and ouija pointer. Click the table and get a physical push able pointer. Table will not double pointers.
– Made it Awkward & Voodoo candle pack  This transferable 2 candle pack, says Killing you with kindness didn’t work now I’m tryng voodoo and the other candle says I came, I saw, I made it awkward. 1 Li each. Touch start flame.
– Jackson Sq Street Art 1Li each, modifiable and unlinkable.

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