Backyard Luxury

 What a fantastic way to decorate the backyard with items that will make summer a comfort this year. BBQing and snuggling for the win!
[CIRCA] – Galloway’s BBQ Set
The Galloway BBQ sets include a main structure in 3 colors, an oil drum style barbecue, 2 side table givers full of food items and a couple of accessory extras.  The pavilion build has 10 stand animations included for those who want to just hangout and watch life go by and people watch, with male and female positions.  The barbecue itself has 6 animations for bbq grilling and standing, male and female.  Auto hand props are included which are associated to the related animations when used.  You have the choice of 6 grilling food displays for the bbq via touch menu with an easy cleanup option (see example image below for display choices).  The lid to the bbq opens on touch and there is an on & off flame function on touch.  As for the food and drink serving tables, they are givers in nature and offer guests items on touch which auto attach to the avatar hands.  These items include drinking, eating, or hold animations when worn.  One table carries grilled food plates and beer drinks while the other has single pieces of food and one drink.  Whether you are having a backyard party, pool party, beach side party, or event setup, this is the perfect set for adding an entertaining atmosphere.  During the event, these exclusive sets are discounted 50% Off and will be regular price after June 15th.  See demos on site.

[Generation X] -Sweet Escape Hut (Light) – Adult
This also comes in a dark version, includes high quality animations for singles and couples. Available in 2 maturity levels. 27 Li

 Both of these great items can be found at Boardwalk May 15 – June 15

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