Inside the Witches Home

Stepping inside of my favorite spell caster’s home after being ushered in by her familiars, I took a moment to look around a bit more. The home was spacious and there were even two rooms that had been left unfurnished, curiouser and curiouser.


See the outside of the great home along with some lovely outside decor in my post HERE.
All of the below items are available at Midsummer Enchantment June 14-30
Dragon Magick Wares –  Moth Goddess Rug
Their 5L hunt Gift at the event.
Candle and Cauldron Wolf Call Frame
 Frame includes 5 color options: Gold, silver, black, white, and wood.Texture changes are accessed via touching the item. This is their 5L hunt item.

 Lunar Cult – Goth Fantasy Crystals

Touch texture change, floating candles, materials enabled 8 Li
HILTED – Rattus Familiar gacha
5 colors to collect, white, cream, grey, light grey, and brown. 50L per play with 30 to collect. Each copy/transfer
HILTED –  Rattus Buttus Hunt
This is their hunt gift which is 2 Li copy/mod
{LORE} –  Forest Desk and Chair (dark bark)
Includes 9 bark versions each with 18 single sit animations. copy/mod


{LORE} –   Twiggy Triquetra
copy/mod 1Li
{LORE} –  Witchy Online Indicator
Displays in or out based on online status. Includes hovertext version. Drop notecards or send messages. copy/mod
{LORE} –  Rustic Wiccan Rede
This is their 5L Hunt Prize copy/mod

DCKM – Dragon Moon Wall Hanging

Comes in white and black
DCKM – Cat Moon Wall Hanging
Includes black and white versions.
DCKM – Mooned Cat Wall Hanging
Includes black and white versions. Their hunt prize is a blue version of this.

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