Come Little Children

Deep in the cavern she awaits the moment she can spread her wings and fly out into the star-filled sky. A huntress with nefarious intentions, hide your children for they may disappear if she spots them.

Shopping List

(Sponsors in Bold Print)

Stargazer Creations – Skin Set – Death’s Dance – Pallid M/F

Includes system skins, skin appliers, eye and nail appliers, as well as bento animated wings! For male and female avatars. You can find this at the Darkness Event June 5 – 28

Facet Originals -Yvette for Catwa
This shape, designed for Catwa is an exclusive at the UnderDog Event July 1- August 1

Sn@tch – Yuqi Hair (All Color Pack)

This is on the Riot Vendors this week! Get the full pack for cheap! The more folks you bring along with you, the lower the price will go.

Makeup and Tattoos:
Stargazer Creations – Make Up Set – Precious Metals

Lipgloss via Omega applier in 24 metal colors. An exclusive for the UnderDog event July 1-August 1

Stargazer Creations -Asany Body Suit
This suit is available in a bunch of great colors (Coffee shown here) and rigged to fit Maitreya. It can be found at SaNaRae June 26 – July 17.

Stargazer Creations – Felinae Boots
These great boots which are rigged for Maitreya, come in lots of different color choices (Coffee shown here). They are an exclusive at the Madpea Pet Friends Fair June 30 to July 20

Props and Poses

Exposeur – Alisha

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