Meanwhile on Planet X..

Well, I took the leap and have tried out some new Baked on Mesh compatible body parts along with playing with a system skin from Stargazer. It looks fantastic, I was amazed how easy it all was. And I was able to adjust the body to fit my Maitreya outfit. The only downside at the moment is not being able to use Firestorm, but I am sure there is an update on the horizon! Will I become BOM only? Nope, but it’s great to have more options!

 Shopping List

(Sponsors in Bold Print)


Stargazer Creations –  Mirialan Skin
Includes a variety of makeup options, shown here is the Light Green Natural V3.0 System skin. This was applied to my mesh body parts via Baked on Mesh capabilities. This skin also includes mesh body appliers for those wishing to remain with the huds.
Included with body.
Mesh Body Parts:
LEGACY Female Meshbody
This body is great for the new Baked on Mesh. Wearing system skins that I haven’t been able to enjoy for a while without a bunch of different huds is great. The cost is a bit steep for this body. Though a plus is the ability to wear my Maitreya items with it without any issues. Finding skin appliers for this isn’t an issue anymore either with BOM. But, if you wish to still use appliers, you can with the click of a button via the styling menu.  In all, I like the shape and would recommend it.
Akeruka  -AK BOM Bento Head #01 BETA
This is also a BOM compatible mesh body item. This head will work with appliers as well as baked on mesh, so you have more choices as well. It will include free updates of the head. With the same ease of use as the body mentioned above, it was great to wear my system skin, This again was a bit costly but worth it to me.
Wasabi Mayra Mesh Hair – FLF Exclusive pack
This hair was on sale for Fifty Linden Friday with exclusive colors offered.
HaveUnequal –  Chastity Outfit
Includes top and thong with texture change hud, Created for Maitreya this is a very sexy outfit to entice with.
Props and Poses
BellePoses – Noah
7 bento poses with mirrors and pose stand
BellePoses – Backdrop Sexy Dance

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