Stargazer Creations

This event runs from January 20 – February 20

Taxi at Mainframe_001
Items available by Moeko

MOEKO Jexa Gacha Maitreya or Legacy 75L Play

Also at the event for 25% off there are:

Stargazer Creations MOEKO Stella FAT PACK 25% off
Stargazer Assimilation Face Tattoo BOM 25% off
MOEKO Gamer Visor in various color choices 25% off

Moeko at Mainframe_003

Items available by Stargazer
Synthetica Gacha skins include several commons, 2o pull mystery prize, and rare with BOM and Rare Materials applier plus 4 eyes sets. 75L Play

Also at the event for 25% off there are:

1. 6 special body effects

2. The Vega-6TC gacha

3. Cyber Visor unisex accessory

4. Frog Princess skin set

Stargazer at Mainframe_001Stargazer at Mainframe_002Stargazer at Mainframe_004Stargazer at Mainframe_005Stargazer at Mainframe_003

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