Stargazer at Mainframe

Stargazer Creations

Stargazer at Mainframe_001

WOW another great release by Stargazer is the Synth Body Shine Materials which are an exclusive for MainFrame July 20 – August 13. This includes appliers for Omega Evolved, Catwa, Legacy, Maitreya, with lifetime updates which goes for all of their products!  You can pick up this great item for only 299L now.

Also in booth are other Body Shine Materials including Space Glyphs, Bit Crush, Circuits, Android, only 90L each!

The Logan Bodysuit can also be picked up here at the event, in your choice of 18 different colors for 190 each. Legacy Classic/Perky, and Mesh body Classic sizes.

Sentinel for Gianni comes in choice of 6 colors for 190L each.

And those beloved gachas include Alphazeta an exclusive for Maitreya for 75L/Play  and
Vega – 6TC also an exclusive for Maitreya for 75L/Play!

Here’s your taxi to the event!

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