Magic Has Taken Over

 Inside the house of the former beautiful princess Frogella, there was strange happenings afoot. Strange little beasts were hanging out all over, the candles' flames flickered on by themselves, and a book upon the desk remained open to one spell in particular. The cure for the princess's curse, but remaining out of her reach and... Continue Reading →

Froggy Went a Courtin

 Out in the woods sits a little house of strange color, it stands out amidst the green of the neighboring foliage. The strangest thing seen was the inhabitants who once lived there, a beautiful princess and her devoted companion. Or at least, she was beautiful once before the magic became mismanaged and turned them both... Continue Reading →

Her Little Space

Our daughter, Aerwen wants her own space now that she's getting older, so this great guest house was just the ticket, decorated in true girly fashion for her. Hope she enjoys it! Shopping List Painted Pixels - Little Living This cute one room dwelling is perfect for a guest house and rings in a 21Li... Continue Reading →

The Dorm Room

I'm was so amazed that the Aidan is keeping his dorm room clean when I popped in for a surprise visit yesterday! Good job pup! ELLAs -  3 Books and Shelves Can be purchased as a fat pack or separately in dark or light options.In the collection is: Ladder Shelf Dark -ladder shelf dark with... Continue Reading →

The Study

A great place to work on the blog, surrounded by lots of leather furnishings and of course our favorite dogs.  Sahi Designs is at the RFL Second Life Home and Garden Expo open now until April 6   with some fantastic items for us. Shown here is the The Executive Den - Cedar Mini Pack... Continue Reading →

You Never Outgrow Dollhouses

 I have always loved dollhouses when I was growing up, a passion that never left me. I still enjoy looking at all the miniature furnishings. Though my hobbies have grown up, collecting dollhouses remains one of my favorites of all. You never outgrow a dollhouse! Little,Big Design has some amazing dollhouses for us at the... Continue Reading →

Time to Enjoy the Outdoors

With the warmer weather, gardening and yard work has begun, and we are spending a lot more hours out under the sun. So basically moved outside to enjoy the fresh air. Shopping List CC Designs  - Mesh Playground Rugs & Pillows Set - Mesh Greenhouse.With String Lights - Mesh Outdoor Garden Vases Set - Mesh... Continue Reading →


 When it’s cold “Time to Cuddle”, When it’s dark “Time to Snuggle” This is our motto that we enjoy most of the time. Collaboration with Gwennie To see her styling information check HERE Shopping List (Sponsors in Bold Print) Skin: The Face -  Maya Available in several skin tones (shown here in  SPF 30 Fiore... Continue Reading →

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