Mardi Gras Mood

I love the carnival feeling of Mardi Gras, the parades, all the people dressed up and beads! So, I decided to bring a part of it into our space in the French Quarter with some great items to be found at Twisted's Jackson Square Summer Sale and Hunt June 1 - 30.  . { collect... Continue Reading →

Voodoo Lounge

 While waiting for that Voodoo doctor, I decided to look around a bit. Wow, this is the strangest medical clinic I have ever been to!  More great items to be found from The EKC for Twisted's Jackson Square Summer Sale and Hunt June 1 - 30. - Jackson Sq Voodoo Table Decor & Tables Set... Continue Reading →

Lioness’ Fairelands Adventures

Venturing about the Fairelands, she chanced upon a shrine and beneath a canopy of trees with glittering lights. A smile spread over her feline visage as violet eyes shifted down to her friend, a trusty steed of the fairyfolk. Shopping List (Sponsors in Bold Print) Skin: ~Jeanette’s Joint~ Branded Drow Skins This great skin includes... Continue Reading →

Memories of You

   As evening falls and the stars sparkle in the sky, I look out the window and remember you.. To all of those who we have lost throughout the journey of Second Life and beyond. Never forgotten. Shopping List (Sponsors in Bold Print) Skin: Modish  - April Skin This includes eyebrow shape, shape, Omega mesh... Continue Reading →

Fauns Love Magik

 The White Witch gave her a sparkly bauble which kept her distracted while the dark forces set to work against Aslan. Would the spell ever be broken so she could warn them? Shopping List (Sponsors in Bold Print) Skin: Ab.Fab - Papillon skin Comes in 3 skin tones and individual shape can also be purchased.... Continue Reading →

Aslan at Rest

Between the battles and guiding young royals, Aslan takes a rest in one of his favorite groves. [CIRCA]   - :Norvaris: Elven Gateway Set Several different sets to choose from, each includes 4 versions, phantom or opening doors, with and without plants option.  - :Norvaris: Elven Willow Tree Sets There are 8 versions to choose... Continue Reading →

Whispers of the Night

With her silent companions, the Lady of the Nyte steps out of the darkness and surveys the area. Tales of an awakening have reached her ears and she is eager to see what the magik has brought to the Fairelands this year. Shopping List (Sponsors in Bold Print) Skin: SINFUL NEEDS  - Children of the... Continue Reading →

Magic Has Taken Over

 Inside the house of the former beautiful princess Frogella, there was strange happenings afoot. Strange little beasts were hanging out all over, the candles' flames flickered on by themselves, and a book upon the desk remained open to one spell in particular. The cure for the princess's curse, but remaining out of her reach and... Continue Reading →

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