After Easter Comes Rotten

Oh all those wonderful eggs that were never found during the holiday. Whatever happens to the ones that are forgotten, lost, and never found? Well, they become eggs in the Rotten Egg hunt of course!! And what wonderful eggs they are! Boy, are the others missing out as we gather up this delightfully ripe eggs... Continue Reading →


Welcome to the Darkside

BODY AND APPEARANCE Skin: 7 Deadly s[K]ins has a great new gacha collection of skins out. The beautiful Feather is an exclusive at OhMyGacha! and Spring Flair April 7-28. Prizes to be won consist of Shape and skins in a variety of versions. Plain, freckled, eyeshadow, eyeliner, sunkissed, smoke, in 5 different skin tones. I... Continue Reading →

Village Witch

Skin and Appearance  7 Deadly s[K]ins  has done it again! The lovely Spring, Omega face and body applier, will be making her debut at Spring Flair April 7-28 . This comes in your choice of darks or lights boxes containing 7 different skin tones. There is also a shape available. Based on the LAQ bento... Continue Reading →


 Skin and Appearance  7 Deadly s[K]ins created the gorgeous skin, Michella. This comes in  your choice of Light or Dark Pack with 7 tones each.  This skin is modeled after LAQ bento mesh head, and there is also a shape available, worn here with powder tone. You can find her at 4Mesh until April 1... Continue Reading →

Simply Frightening

  DELIRIUM +LUNACY+  created these really cool decor items as exclusives for the Bargains on the Bayou event March 17-31. There is the art called,  Despair which comes in 3 different frame styles, spooky face pressing through the fabric, and then there are the Jell-O Brain items. There are White and black versions in various... Continue Reading →

Live Show Time

What a great show! Always enjoy it when those live performances get on stage. This place has such a variety of different things to enjoy. Pose and Prop  .:Joplino:. created the Backdrop called Live Show and the Pose Set also called, Live Show as exclusives for Suicide Dollz Mar 25-April 6. They are sold separately... Continue Reading →

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