White Wolf

 A warrior and a wolf, taking on the world as they protect their territory and home.  7 Deadly s[K]ins designed the beautiful CLARITY skin in 2 box versions, light/pale and tanned/dark skins. These will be making a debut at Ultra January 15th- Feb 8. Each box contains Omega face & body appliers in6 skin tones... Continue Reading →

The Abduction

  Feijoa by 7 Deadly s[K]ins comes in two different versions. Each box contains Omega mesh head appliers based on Lelutka bento mesh head in 6 skin tones. These appliers not only apply the face but also the body! One box contains skin with beauty marks and the other is plain. There is also a... Continue Reading →

Surfs Up

I spent the day over at Kanaloa Surf Beach and while I was there, found this great pineapple! The waves were high and perfect for surfing, I don't surf but had a blast watching them out there. I wore the  Galadonna Mesh Bikini by Artizan. This great bikini comes with 8 fabric colors. Each bikini... Continue Reading →

Here Batter Batter

So they told me that I couldn't play in heels? Who the heck are they to tell me that?! Yes, yes maybe I got a wee bit upset and used my bat in an appropriate manner, but they should have been nicer to me. Ahh well, I can always spend time with Gwen, that's better... Continue Reading →

Bella By Night

The sounds of the children of the night were a comfort to the dark fairy as she wandered the lands in search of unwanted children. Most thought of her as cruel, but her chore was a loving one, giving the children left to the elements, another chance at life in the fae realm. How misunderstood... Continue Reading →


Oh roughing it can be sooooo difficult but fun! So I set up a tent in the woods in our backyard and put out some pillows, well hey we also needed a decent camp bed and I planted some pretty flowers. It was time to get serious, yup! Now to settle back and watch the... Continue Reading →

Witchy Woman

 Oh hello! I'm just hanging out at Everwinter's Carnival grounds, such a nice place to look about and meet some nice new folks. Well, when they aren't trying to run me over and stuff. I dressed up just for this occasion, you know, in case there's a zombie outbreak. Oh silly me! Of course there... Continue Reading →

Lady Biker

Taking the bikes out for a ride soon, so lots of stuff to do to prepare for the trip.  I stopped for a moment to take a break and enjoy the view. V-Twins recreated a best seller from 2011-2013, Adultery, and now it includes Omega Appliers! It comes with the jacket, body stocking, gloves, and... Continue Reading →

Peaceful in Pink

Pretty in pink with a yummy ice cream cone, I enjoyed my walk through the gardens of Hikari, a beautiful place to just enjoy and find peace from the crowded events around the grid. I am wearing the amazing July VIP Group Gift from 7 Deadly s{K}ins called, Marigold. Check out those cute freckles! This... Continue Reading →

Rockin It Vintage Style

Rockin It Vintage Style Venturing out, I decided to wander over to the Vintage Fairgrounds and check out the area. It was full of vintage memorabilia, old vehicles, shops that spoke of a time past, and of course plenty of shopping with all the wonderful goods from talented designers. 7 Deadly s{K}ins brings us the... Continue Reading →

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