Queen B*tch

  She has that look about her that commands attention. Some whisper and call her names, but she's proud to be the Queen B**** and will flaunt it wherever she goes. And if she's in a particularly good mood, she'll even offer to show you how she earned the title. PinUp created the sexy Mandy... Continue Reading →

Star Gazing

Collaboration post with Gwennie Roughneck, check out her blog here! https://gwennieblog.wordpress.com/  Looking at the stars with Gwennie, who was getting frustrated because she couldn't see anything. So I fixed that problem right up with a little creativity. Attaching a small "moon" to the end of my fishing line, I was able to hold it in... Continue Reading →

It’s Magic

A journey to a magical place, riding about on my new Sedgeway, I felt like I had fallen down the rabbit hole. What a strange situation I found myself in. This great scenery is the Magic Skybox by  CREATiCA which they placed out as a Bonus Gift at #Hashtag - In Love Feb 15-28th. It... Continue Reading →


Feeling sexy today in this new lingerie. With so many colors to choose from, it was a bit of a chore to decide, but I think I got a great combination here. And it looks so good with the skin I have on. Can't wait till my wife gets home. Poses used are from the... Continue Reading →


 The most distressing thing happened today! While Gwen's mother has been under the weather, seems some of her cats made their way to our house! They took over one of our couches and just refuse to leave. Of course, I have to be nice to them, being they belong to family, but this is a... Continue Reading →


Something New has set up a wonderful photography area for their VIPs, so I went over to explore a bit and found this tranquil setting with some great props to pose around. Using a pose from Something New called Blog my Essentials, this is 1 in a gacha collection of several like poses. 7 Deadly... Continue Reading →


A sexy seductress, Valentina lures them in with that barely there harness and thigh high laced heels. A jewel adoring her forehead and bright ruby kissable lips. Vengeful Threads continues their tradition of amazing artistry in makeup with their Catwa - Valentina Makeup & Adornment exclusive for Twe12ve Feb 12-28th. This includes the makeup, forehead... Continue Reading →

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