The Rose

She stood in the room, holding the red rose her beloved had placed within her hands before leaving to fight a battle.    7 Deadly s[K]ins created the lovely skin, Perla. She comes in your choice of two skin packs, lights or darks. Below, I took pictures of the Dark skin box tones for you.... Continue Reading →

Hot Love

Wickedly beautiful, she caused all conversation in the room to cease when she sauntered in.  7 Deadly s[K]ins created the lovely Valentyna based on the new Vista Diana mesh head. This is an Omega face appliers in in 9 skin tones ( shown here is Oak). It comes options for with and without eyebrows and... Continue Reading →

A Star Is Born

Smoky, classy, the club had it all, except for customers. As she stepped out onto the stage, the bright lights shining down upon her, she reminisced about the days it was always packed. Now, only a select few came out to see the songbird perform. It was the sign of the times... The poses used... Continue Reading →

Elevator Selfies

So, the elevator stopped and I'm stuck in here while everyone is up on the top floor partying it up for the annual work party. I was all dressed up and ready to have some fun, even brought along a little partner in crime to scare some of the weaker characters. Meh, at least I... Continue Reading →

Pink Perfection

It's officially pink day, the day that I have gone nuts after all the Black Friday sales. So, here I am, wearing my pink hair, outfit, shoes, mmhmm loving it actually. Kinda fond of the look, I know Gwen would be too. 7 Deadly s[K]ins designed the lovely Guusje special skin with   snowflakes. This... Continue Reading →

Ohh Those Dirty Thoughts

Such a sleezy looking set up, inviting those naughty thoughts to enter our minds. The glow of the neon lights, the barely there lingerie and boots that go sky high. MMhmm we know what you are thinking..    This gorgeous skin is Soya by 7 Deadly s{K}ins. This Omega based skin modeled after the Laqroki... Continue Reading →

Trick Or Treat

Mirror Mirror On the Wall, show is the most fashionable witch of all? LISA by  7 Deadly s[K]ins is an Omega applier skin modeled after the Akeruka Charlotted Bento mesh head.It comes in 4 versions. Plain, Freckled, Eyeliner and browless. Each box includes 6 skin tones. I have on the eyeliner version in apricot. Also... Continue Reading →

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