It’s Raining It’s Pouring

So, we got more rain than ever on record in our neck of the woods. But, even rain can be pretty and makes everything so green! Skin and Appearance Skin: 7 Deadly s[K]ins has a great new gacha collection of skins out. The beautiful Feather is an exclusive at OhMyGacha! and Spring Flair April 7-28.... Continue Reading →

Aerwen’s New Room

So Aerwen has decided it's time for her own space. Of course, the silly tween couldn't just move out, so we compromised and set up a new "room" for her out in the garage. She loves it and so do I. We decorated her room with some fantastic items from The Gacha Life - The... Continue Reading →

Coffee Date in the Garden

 Adorably Strange Wares created this amazing Casual Coffee Date collection as an exclusive for the Truth or Dare Affair 3 Feb 3-28. . It consists of several small pieces which you can pick and choose to set your scene.  There is the Casual Coffee Date Coffee Set with the Coffee Tins, Pot, Espresso Maker, Hanging... Continue Reading →

A Different Dollhouse

There was a little house down on the beach where the green grass grows. With a stone walkway, picket fence and all the small luxuries of a countryside home. But, it was the 'doll' that was laying out front catching a tan that surprised us the most.    7 Deadly s[K]ins has another beautiful VIP... Continue Reading →

The Music Rooms

Welcome to our home! Where we have not one but two music rooms. Mmhmmm I just couldn't make up my mind when I saw both of these beautiful gacha collections by Adorably Strange Wares for the new Gacha Life event October 5-31st Location TBA. Shown first is  the Erstwhile Collection 1. This great collection of... Continue Reading →

Our Weekend Beach Getaway

Taken at night to show you this fantastic glowing beacon which calls to us to run for the beach tonight. I absolutely love the great items here from the Aloha Fair July 28-August 11. Starting with the great lighting (the reason this picture is taken in the dark), we have these Flamingo Neon lights, which... Continue Reading →


Sooo we got some new furniture, which I had to set up and check out, of course. I rather enjoyed all of it and even got to strike a few sexy pole dancing poses. I felt just like Gaia probably would, wearing some fantastic pale skin, and makeup with a wonderful outfit. ::WetCat:: created the... Continue Reading →

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