Picnic Time with Gwen

  Picnic Time On this hot day Aerlinniel and I decided to have a picnic out in the countryside. It was such a lovely day spending some much needed quiet time together. The flowers were blooming as we layed out our new picnic accessories and proceeded to relax a bit. - Gwen Gudkov Roughneck  (Collaboration... Continue Reading →


Sparkle and shiny things always catch my attention, and the landscaping here was no exception. Such a lovely fantasy realm and I was there dressed in a fantastic outfit with my hair all tucked up under my hat. With a lovely pose called Silent Movie 1, by {NANTRA}. I was able to get a few... Continue Reading →


Sheera Call of the Jungle, Circle of Life, the Huntress is roaming about with her pride, honoring the young male who will now strike out on his own and form his own pride soon. Great landscape/scenery by Sweet Revolution and ideas made by Alchemy for the Fantasy Gacha Carnival. Complete information available below in credits.... Continue Reading →

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