Hittin The Beach with Gwen and Aer

It's time for some sun and fun! So, Gwennie and I put on new swimsuits and hit the beach. Building a really cool sand castle and just soaking up that vitamin D.   Image Essentials created the poses we are using in this post. There is the pose called, Lean on Me and Partner in... Continue Reading →

Hanging Out at the Ruins with Gwennie

Standing there, admiring the ruins, Gwen and I held hands, casually making sort of a heart between us, we barely noticed anything else but each other. Be sure to check out Gwennie's blog too. Pose is Valentine Heart by Image Essentials. A pose made for bento hands, which form a heart between the couple. It’s... Continue Reading →

Dark and Sexy

Gwen and I just got back from a great party and pondering if it's bedtime or not. She is so sexy in that new outfit, it is driving me crazy! Think this little succubae outfit I am wearing will be enough to seduce my wife away from watching her favorite show tonight? (This is a... Continue Reading →

Two Chic Chicks and a Guinea Pig

Collaboration Post with Gwen Gudkov (Roughneck) https://gwennieblog.wordpress.com/ Poses Used In this Post Creative Designs Photo Studio (PROFESSIONAL) Aer's little pet on the head is a Guinea.Piggle (Dusk) by NANI. He's part of a gacha collection with lots of the little fellows waiting to be adopted. Aerlinniel Clothing and Accessories Outfit- AdoreZ  Amanda Shorts and Top... Continue Reading →

I Trust You

A relationship like Gwen and I's is built upon mutual affection and trust. We completely trust each other to have our backs and to catch us when we fall, as shown in these pictures. Collaboration Post with Gwen Vella (Roughneck) check out her blog HERE! Pose Used in This Post is Something New- In you... Continue Reading →

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