The circle in place, the zombies rise as the necromancer chants, casting her spells in the full moonlight. What is her purpose? Is it something sinister or is she attempting to solve a mystery by asking the victim she has brought back to life. Location THE FREE PHOTO STUDIO Poses & Props = Fashiowl... Continue Reading →

Smoke Break

Hunting at the great walk-through hunt the Nightmare Hunt is putting on and had to stop for a break. Just walked through a very disturbing scene and am told there are many more to come. I really hope I don't run into any clowns. Credits Location The Nightmare Event 2015 Poses & Props =... Continue Reading →

Music of Nature

Picking up her flute, the dragon quietly coiled about her shoulders, she brings it to her lips and the music softly reaches out to caress the senses of anyone near enough to hear the notes. The eyes of her dragon glow as the music moves within her, drawing the magical forces of nature ever closer.... Continue Reading →

One with Nature

Always a wonderful day when I can take a walk in the woods and enjoy the beautiful world around us. Wearing a wonderful gown adds to the magic of the morning as the sun's rays stir up the pixie dust and the waking animals squeak and chatter around me in the dense growth. Even my... Continue Reading →

Soft Summer Day

A lot of love went into making this dress I am wearing, attention to details, the texture is lovely and it fits perfectly. I decided to bring out my dog for some pictures, check out this great new cottage I got, it's a sale item at the Garage Deals for only 99L, you can purchase... Continue Reading →

Mistress of Webs

Step into my parlor, said the spider to the fly...She awaits you upon her throne, dressed in her finest to greet the unsuspecting visitors to her lair. Beautiful, dangerous, Mistress of the Webs Credits- Poses & Props- Come Soon Poses My Own Prision - Full Scene Clothing & Accessories- Vengeful Threads¬† WebMistress w/ Slink... Continue Reading →

Morning Stretch

Morning Stretch A good stretch routine in the morning is so great for the body and gives me some much needed energy. So before getting dressed for the day, I do some yoga and work the stiffness out of my bones. Feels sooo good! It's great to be able to do so in my fantastic... Continue Reading →

Kitchen Cleanup

Great dinner tonight, now it's time to clean up a bit. So glad wasn't too messy of a meal since I have on my new dress I bought at the Garage Deals sale. I love the laces on the skirt and the details, it's a great wear anywhere outfit.¬† In fact the kitchen island and... Continue Reading →

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