Heaven Has Fallen

    7 Deadly s{K}ins has a skin coming soon to the Black Fair April 7-21, Maureen is an Omega face applier that is available in 16 different skin tones, and based on the LAQ mesh head. The fantastic new huds contain appliers for face, torso, legs, hands, feet, and neck fix, via Omega. Each... Continue Reading →

Queen B*tch

  She has that look about her that commands attention. Some whisper and call her names, but she's proud to be the Queen B**** and will flaunt it wherever she goes. And if she's in a particularly good mood, she'll even offer to show you how she earned the title. PinUp created the sexy Mandy... Continue Reading →

Down the Rabbit Hole

Walking barefoot in a field of flowers, I approached the ruins of the once great empire of Wonderland. Gone were the days of glory, when the red queen would shout down her commands.The days when the named heroine Alice would defy her. Oh that Alice! She really did have to go and ruin everything didn't... Continue Reading →

Je T’Aime

    #Hashtag brings us Hash In Love February 13-30th. Lots of wonderful items including this lovely pose show in the picture below by SamPoses called, Like It Or Not.  This is a single static pose based in a pose stand which has a hide/show option. I also used the post set by Verocity called,... Continue Reading →

Playing Dolls

My poor neglected dollies! I decided they needed some play time today so I ventured up to the attic to say hello. They looked less than thrilled as I pretended to also be a doll and fit in with them. I hope they don't suddenly start moving about on their own again, freeeeeeaky! These lovely... Continue Reading →

Happy Turkey Day

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving in the U.S. and Gwen and I would like to wish you the happiest of Turkey Days!! I managed to get a turkey cooked for our feast today and just heading over to place it on the table before company arrives.  = Fashiowl Poses = created the pose and prop set, Happy... Continue Reading →

Music of the Night

Be prepared, for on the night of All Hallows Eve, My special ones will be brought forth and create some mischief and mayhem. When you see us coming you had best hide inside or you will suffer as we did long long ago. Winged Headstone pose provided by Something New. Available now at I Heart... Continue Reading →

Red Lights

She's sexy in a barely there outfit by Awear, shoes by D.D. Designs, piercings by ClarityMoon, and flawless tanned skin by 7 Deadly Skins. Waiting for someone it seems, she stands about looking about with those striking sapphire eyes by Ikon. Hairdo by Exile is the crowning top to this look. For complete styling information... Continue Reading →

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