The Kissing Booth and a Buncha Robots

Nothing could be so romantic as sitting in a kissing booth, waiting for a customer while spending time with some loveable robots. All while wearing sexy new lingerie.  Blissiere created this great kissing booth which comes with couple animations but some of them also can be used as single poses.They also created the adorable love... Continue Reading →

Dark and Sexy

Gwen and I just got back from a great party and pondering if it's bedtime or not. She is so sexy in that new outfit, it is driving me crazy! Think this little succubae outfit I am wearing will be enough to seduce my wife away from watching her favorite show tonight? (This is a... Continue Reading →

Straight To The Heart

Getting ready for that great holiday called Anti Valentines Day with a new dress, shoes and other great items. I even decided to ride my bike to the store since it is such a nice day. Poses & Props: Something Erotic created the cute poses called Me & My Teddy 3 and Something New created... Continue Reading →

Happy Hanukkah

Hanging out in my house, decorated for the upcoming party to celebrate Hanukkah. Wearing a new outfit and just enjoying the season. Blissiere created the wonderful Hanukkah salon set which comes with the chair, Star of David rug, table, picture and menorah. They also created the Hanukkah Party set gacha collection as well, with lots... Continue Reading →

Christmas Friends

There's nothing like spending some quality time outside with friends, perhaps making wishes at the local wishing well too. The snow glimmering like jewels in the warm winter sun as your special little friends run up to you with their little family. = Fashiowl Poses = created these cute Christmas Friends pose props for  Tannenbaum... Continue Reading →

Northwest Hedgies

While wandering about the docks the other day, I happened to find a couple little friends. Not sure where they had come from, as hedgehogs weren't exactly native to the area, I picked them up and looked around. Soon, glancing down at my feet, I noticed a bunch more of them. They seemed to be... Continue Reading →

Dragon Queen

It was quiet within her tiny kingdom that she had conquered and taken over. In fact, it wasn't hard at all, with only 50 inhabitants, mostly peace loving little people. And it wasn't the usual setting for her, but at least it was underground. The walls were painted with dragons and next to the elaborate... Continue Reading →

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