Quiet Afternoon

  Gwen is gone to work, so I'm just spending a quiet afternoon at the beach house. Of course, it's too cold and rainy to be outside today, but I have plenty of time to spend playing with wigs, outfits and checking out the latest magazines. 7 Deadly s[K]ins designed the beautiful CLARITY skin in... Continue Reading →

Bahama Mama

A day out on the beach, enjoying the soft white sands in my new bikini. I even met a special friend while I was outside. This dog came wandering up with a Santa cap on and all. Sure was a friendly fellow and even posed for a picture with me. Pose prop is Keep my... Continue Reading →

Rainbow Brightness

Sitting on a cloud, everything comes up rainbows! Sparkles sent down to those on the ground, and smiles abound. ::BLOSSOM:: created this cute Skittle outfit exclusively for #Hashtag- 7 Colors of Rainbow November 10-30. It comes with top and shorts in mesh body sizes with 7 color hud. Even this great pose prop can be... Continue Reading →

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