Our Own Little Corner of Peace

 Sometimes, when you live in a condo or apartment but want a zen garden, one has to get creative. This is what we did with a corner in our home here on the beach. Shopping List Insanity's Own Asian Orchid Pot MOoH! -  Fair bears gacha 12 commons 3 rares, shown is the Teddy panda... Continue Reading →

Backyard Luxury

 What a fantastic way to decorate the backyard with items that will make summer a comfort this year. BBQing and snuggling for the win! [CIRCA] - Galloway's BBQ Set The Galloway BBQ sets include a main structure in 3 colors, an oil drum style barbecue, 2 side table givers full of food items and a... Continue Reading →

Vanity Room

 A lovely spot to prepare for the day in peace. ELLAs - Simple Life Set2 - Includes simple poster prints 2LI L shape shelf 3LI and pillow box 3LI There are 2 sets to choose from - Cube Shelves - 2 color options, matching to the sets. 9LI - Simple Life Rugs - Includes 4... Continue Reading →

Dining Room

DELLAROBBIA - 5 Gal Crock - Antique Pie Safe (comes in blue or ivory) - Crockery Pitcher - Daguerreotype Frame Version 1 and 2 - Kitchen Crock - Sugar Chest  %Percent - Danielle Dining Set -Dining Table and Chairs (Comes with wood and metal chairs. Metal chairs have 4 fabric textures to choose)15Li 18 single... Continue Reading →

Kitchen 1

Such a great kitchen with items from some talented designers.   Dench Designs - Raithby Kitchen collection: - Raithby Kitchen includes male,female & couple animations, Fridge 8 Li, Kitchen 14 Li, extra decor and texture options. - Raithby Sink Unit includes male,female & couple animations, extra decor and texture options. 6Li - - Raithby Table... Continue Reading →

Backyard Picnic

We are having family over to visit and decorated our backyard to make it great to hang out. Staycations can be fun too!    Kozy Korner - Romantic Stilt Fort This cute fort with 4 texture changes to the pillows and blanket is adorable. The plants are in the box but not attached to the... Continue Reading →

Shabby Chic Love

 A great little corner of the room filled with more amazing items available at Boardwalk May 15 - June 15 InsurreKtion - brings us the  Ellen Living Set (PG) The full set is material enabled,  and includes 10 leather textures, 8 blanket textures, 2 metal, 60 animations, fully control light menu,  as well as copy/mod... Continue Reading →

Patio Living

I am loving this great backyard patio and decor from some great designers at Boardwalk May 15 - June 15 Persnickity - Patio with Wicker Set  Includes Patio w/stone walls 5Li, Texture change chairs with sitting animations 6 Li, Table 5Li, Chese platter 1Li, Wine bottles 2 Li, Bread platter 1 Li, Wine bottle opener... Continue Reading →

The Dog Rescue

We decided to start a dog rescue. Gwen and I love all of our dogs and cannot stand to see any out and about, lost without  a home. Adopt today! .:Short Leash:. - Cozy Kennel Though this is originally created for a different sort of "Puppy", it is great for those dogs we have in... Continue Reading →

Tulip Time!

  It's tulip season and I absolutely LOVE these flowers, it was a wonderful way to enjoy the first colors of spring with our new patio furniture and even a great outdoor shower so we wont be tracking anymore sand into the house. Shopping List All of these items can be found at Boardwalk May... Continue Reading →

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