Kitchen 1

Such a great kitchen with items from some talented designers.   Dench Designs - Raithby Kitchen collection: - Raithby Kitchen includes male,female & couple animations, Fridge 8 Li, Kitchen 14 Li, extra decor and texture options. - Raithby Sink Unit includes male,female & couple animations, extra decor and texture options. 6Li - - Raithby Table... Continue Reading →

Oh So Comfy Chair

 I am totally loving this new comfy chair that Gwen and I have put into our front room. I can curl up and sleep in it for a great afternoon nap, it's so big. Shopping List (Sponsors in Bold Print) Skin: Esode - Leah Skin This is a Group Gift which includes classic skin, Catwa,... Continue Reading →

As The Clock Ticks

It was a dreary scene, she sat there waiting for him to return, unaware of the creature behind her. The crackling of the logs in the fire added to the restless feeling she had as the clock ticked on and on.  Lovefest 2016 has arrived! Celebrating the 26th Birthday of H.P. Lovecraft. With merchants, rides, adventure,... Continue Reading →

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