Backyard Luxury

 What a fantastic way to decorate the backyard with items that will make summer a comfort this year. BBQing and snuggling for the win! [CIRCA] - Galloway's BBQ Set The Galloway BBQ sets include a main structure in 3 colors, an oil drum style barbecue, 2 side table givers full of food items and a... Continue Reading →

Vanity Room

 A lovely spot to prepare for the day in peace. ELLAs - Simple Life Set2 - Includes simple poster prints 2LI L shape shelf 3LI and pillow box 3LI There are 2 sets to choose from - Cube Shelves - 2 color options, matching to the sets. 9LI - Simple Life Rugs - Includes 4... Continue Reading →

Aslan at Rest

Between the battles and guiding young royals, Aslan takes a rest in one of his favorite groves. [CIRCA]   - :Norvaris: Elven Gateway Set Several different sets to choose from, each includes 4 versions, phantom or opening doors, with and without plants option.  - :Norvaris: Elven Willow Tree Sets There are 8 versions to choose... Continue Reading →

Gypsy Style

Such a fantastic life! Living the Boho free spirited way with bold colors and easy on the eyes decor. These items are all part of a collection by [CIRCA]  exclusive at  Boardwalk March 15 - April 15. The event exclusives can be found for 50% Off each piece. The core theme is aqua and sea... Continue Reading →

Ostaras Altar

Set upon the shores of the sea is a special place to come worship the Goddess, Ostara and pray for a bountiful spring. Shopping List (Sponsors in Bold Print)  Dragon Magick Wares - Divinity Cottage  Mesh, copy/mod, 26 prims and a footprint of about 7x11. An exclusive at Ostara's Altar March 15-April 5. LORE  -... Continue Reading →


   The veil grows thinner, our magic increases as ancestors reach out to communicate on hallowed ground.  Shopping List Skin: My new basic skin is the lovely Gigi by Glam Affair, worn here in the 007 tone. Shape:  Facet Shapes - Greta Shape is a gift for the upcoming WomenStuff Hunt November 1-31. Includes Style... Continue Reading →

Something Wicked Is Here

There was seriously something eerie about the room as I looked around.... Circa created the- "Midnight Coven" Coffin Armoire & Chair Set in Dk Grey for Trick or Treat Lane. This includes open, Static, shelf options in dark greay, Vintage chairs with 16 poses in grey and plum or gray and dk plum. They also... Continue Reading →

Honey for Sale

 So today we have some fresh honey for sale! No, no not my Gwennie, but REAL honey, the type bees make. Yup, a few stings but it was all worth it, besides, we heal quickly. Just hope the bears don't catch word of this sale.. Shopping List (sponsors in bold print) Skin: 7 Deadly s[K]ins... Continue Reading →

Quiet Corner

Such a great little reading corner or simply a place to sit down and talk with someone. Thanks to two very talented designers and their exclusives for the Vintage Fair which ends June 8 - 24. [CIRCA]  designed the  "Urbanite"- Retro Sitting Set. This great set includes the chairs with 12 m/f lounge animations,2 area... Continue Reading →

Our Family Home

It's always a warm feeling to have a spot to gather together as a family and tell each other about our adventures since we last met. Our home serves as such a spot for our family, warm and inviting with decor by some great designers. [CIRCA] designed some fantastic items that can be mixed and... Continue Reading →

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