Bloody Fun

Being stuck on a playing card was not my idea nor was it fun. I found a way to escape and put my plans into motion. Sure it was a tiny bit messy when I was finished, but I so did enjoy making all those people suffer some. So come join me as my Reign... Continue Reading →

A Touch of Madness

A touch of class, perhaps a little touch of madness, as I decorate the room, leaving about some skulls and a baby dragon in a cage. I know the dragon cannot remain there long or it would never grow to it's full size. The large leather chair and darkness of the fireplace are only made... Continue Reading →

Jump Right In

We are having a heat wave right now and so the ocean is the place to be, enjoying the cool water. I put on an outfit for cooler weather comprising of two separates. The Wilding Skirt in brown and matching Wilder top by Day Dreamer. These come in several color choices and are available at... Continue Reading →

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