Hot Love

Wickedly beautiful, she caused all conversation in the room to cease when she sauntered in.  7 Deadly s[K]ins created the lovely Valentyna based on the new Vista Diana mesh head. This is an Omega face appliers in in 9 skin tones ( shown here is Oak). It comes options for with and without eyebrows and... Continue Reading →

Almost Feels Like Spring

It's a rare thing to be outside and have the sun shining on my face this time of year. We have had some rain but it's been warm enough to enjoy a little time outside and soak up some vitamin D. So, dressed in my brightest pink, I brought two of the dogs outside and... Continue Reading →

Sleepless In Seattle

Sometimes it is just good to sit at home and relax. Listening to the dog as he snores in his sleep and work on updating my blog posts with pencil and pad in hand. I love my new furniture, it is in lovely neutral colors and perfectly fit the ambiance of the room. Pictured are... Continue Reading →

Beach Babe

 7 Deadly s[K]ins brings a new skin to the table for us with the gorgeous Hawai. A face applier skin based on the AK Asya mesh head (worn here with AK’s Camilla mesh head and Maitreya body), this skin is available in several skin tones, each box containing 5 eyebrow versions, blonde, red, brown, black... Continue Reading →

She Cried Her Eyes Out

Her little friend had come up missing and she suspected foul play. She had searched everywhere for him,and not even a clue was found to his whereabouts. They were going to go out today, maybe spend time walking in the park, shopping, or whatever. Now, there would be no time together, and she sat down... Continue Reading →

Preparing for Gwen’s RezDay

Yesterday was my wife, Gwen's rezday, so I bought her a cake (I'm not allowed in the kitchen), put up a decoration, and waited anxiously for her to get home. Luckily, I kept snug in some great clothing. ::cute as f*ck:: created the Wooden Pallet Snowflake decoration, and Storax Tree created the  Birthday Cake Ab... Continue Reading →

Burn It Down!

There was a spider, not just any ordinary spider, it was a BIG spider, sitting on my favorite magazine. On the counter in the kitchen, just staring at me. I quickly reached over and grabbed the slipper there, intent on smashing the thing to smitherines. But it jumped over onto the fridge! So here I... Continue Reading →

Happy Halloween!

Decorating the small cottage for our family, Rodd and Sarlah, Gwen and I stopped to pose and send a Happy Halloween out to everyone. I know, it's early but we celebrate one of our favorite holidays all month. And you can to by participating in some of the great hunts going on around the grid.... Continue Reading →

The Harvest Gacha Good

Some more great gacha items to show you from Gacha Good's current event, Bounty of Fall Harvest. Plus a fantastic skin and eyes as well! Poses & Props Ruspy Roo Nordic Set - Midnight  Gacha Good- Bounty of the Harvest Nov 8-30th Pixicat  Wonderland.Cats RARE Clothing & Accessories DaneMarkZ DMZ - Boom-Boom Gacha... Continue Reading →

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