Milena In the Fall

Fall brings with it, warm snuggles in front of the fireplace, the smell of apple cider and hot chocolate, as well as the vivid hues of various colors as the leaves turn. During this time, fashion tends to move towards the more earthy tones in a down to earth manner. The pose shown here is... Continue Reading →


Reflecting on my life, good bad and the ugly, helps me ground myself in my goals going forwards. Quiet meditation in inspirational surroundings helps this as well. So does great clothing and accessories, making me feel my very best. Location black kite Poses & Props NANTRA Chelsea Clothing & Accessories Dafnis RILLA UP... Continue Reading →

She’s A Million

Coveted by many, she belonged to none. A woman who knew her worth and would take nothing less, she always looked like a million dollars. Poses & Props Image Essentials Birds Eye (b) Thrift Shop Clothing & Accessories {B-DaZZled}  Complete Sexy Dress Designer Circle Rd.117 Indulge Temptation Cruces Earrings 1 Millionaire Pearls Necklace... Continue Reading →

Dead Dolly

She was a good dolly but now she is gone, I have placed her doll keys up on the shelf, and keep her coffin near with the soft glow of the firelamp casting shadows around the room. A few of her favorite things here, the broken table, the gargoyle that fell from up high, her... Continue Reading →

Shopping Day

What a wonderful sunny day for shopping! Went to some great shops and also picked up a few things at the Olala Events, this sexy bodysuit which covers just the right spots and these wicked heels too!  The town is a bit quiet right now where I am at, so I decided to take a... Continue Reading →


Dressed and ready for the day, I have a new summer dress on designed by Xbody, as well as the shoes on my feet. She makes the cutest clothing and it's cheap too, So for those watching their linden wallet, great place to check out. The skin i am in is created by 7 Deadly... Continue Reading →


Out shopping at one of my favorite sims, who by the way has some shops for rent if you happen to be seeking one. Wearing a fantastic new outfit by Royale and shoes by VG. The outfit comes with appliers and I absolutely LOVE how it looks, it is available right now at Hauteness. .... Continue Reading →

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