Winters Guardian

The guardian of winter had descended upon the frozen lake, her beautiful wings spread out as horns bedecked in winter finery graced her head. Dancing upon the eyes, she admired the designs left by Jack Frost, before taking a moment to welcome the new fallen snowflakes and flying away. Pictures were taken at the sim... Continue Reading →

The Enchanted Unicorn

WooHoo, now I know how the Unicorns felt as they played in the grass. Galloping through the trees was so much fun I just had to stop a few times and take some pictures of this lovely outfit. I felt like a kid again running around. But it is getting a weee bit chilly now,... Continue Reading →

Caught In Her Web

Something New has their Halloween Shop up and what a great bunch of items awaiting you there! Such as this Caught in a Web pose prop, complete with the scary spiders, and the one in the lower picture called Bad Ass Smart Ass Great Ass 1. They were perfect for showing off this fantastic dress... Continue Reading →

Dracula’s Daughter

Well, here I lay, awaiting Dracula, all dressed up sexy just to get his ire, and just to see what Pops would say about it. And what happens? He is too distracted with some stupid little blood doll to even notice me. How am I supposed to get attention anymore?  He just dragged the helpless... Continue Reading →

Steampunk 2

While at the carnival I found some of the cutest outfits ever. I snagged them up in a hurry and hid in one of the food trucks to change clothes. Boy, did I get some looks from the ladies working there. They thought I was so strange and asked me if I was the new... Continue Reading →

Steampunk 1

While out for a drive the other day I noticed a Steampunk Festival along the side of the road. I decided to stop and have a look, Maybe,  just maybe I would find something interesting while there. Well, I came upon the "Test your strength" part and after a few minutes of the person there... Continue Reading →

Demons Lurking

After a morning of planning and playing around taking a few pictures, we decided to plan an afternoon of mayhem on our motorcycles. It took a while to figure it out and before we knew it the time had slipped past and now it was well beyond lunch time. But, it was so much fun... Continue Reading →

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