Inside the Witches Home

Stepping inside of my favorite spell caster's home after being ushered in by her familiars, I took a moment to look around a bit more. The home was spacious and there were even two rooms that had been left unfurnished, curiouser and curiouser.   See the outside of the great home along with some lovely... Continue Reading →

Outside the Witches Home

 While waiting for my appointment with one of my favorite spell casters, I got a chance to walk around her new home and check it out. Birdseye View Shopping List (Sponsors in Bold Print) All of the below items are available at Midsummer Enchantment June 14-30 Dragon Magick Wares - Ohm Cottage This lovely home... Continue Reading →

Magic Has Taken Over

 Inside the house of the former beautiful princess Frogella, there was strange happenings afoot. Strange little beasts were hanging out all over, the candles' flames flickered on by themselves, and a book upon the desk remained open to one spell in particular. The cure for the princess's curse, but remaining out of her reach and... Continue Reading →

Ostaras Altar

Set upon the shores of the sea is a special place to come worship the Goddess, Ostara and pray for a bountiful spring. Shopping List (Sponsors in Bold Print)  Dragon Magick Wares - Divinity Cottage  Mesh, copy/mod, 26 prims and a footprint of about 7x11. An exclusive at Ostara's Altar March 15-April 5. LORE  -... Continue Reading →

Magik Cabin

Such a magical forest and centered within was the witch's cabin with the doors depicting the Tree of Life upon them. Dragon Magick Wares - Elemental A-Frame An exclusive at Winters Hollow Dec 14-31, this is a 2 story mesh home with a 17x25.5 footprint and is only 53 prims. There is a demo available... Continue Reading →

Witches Cottage

  Down the road there is a house, a bit rustic looking and perhaps a tad spooky. But, honestly, I never believed the rumors of a wicked witch living there...  Two lonely rocking chairs, though apparently still in good condition, rarely if ever have I noticed anyone sitting in them. But, sometimes you can hear... Continue Reading →

Little House in the Woods

There was a little house in the middle of the woods... Dragon Magick Wares - Enchanted Cottage copiable mesh it is 123 prims and 19x19 in dimension. An exclusive at Dark Passion Events - Midsummer Enchantment June 15-30.. Great for roleplay, period decor, or whatever your creativity may decide. 50% off during the event! The... Continue Reading →

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