Sand In My Shoes

A great date night for us on the beach, Gwennie will be home soon and I cannot wait for her to see my new outfit. Meanwhile, I am going to relax out here listening to the ocean waves break upon the shore, smelling the salt in the air and enjoying the breeze as it lightly... Continue Reading →

Picnic on the Beach

Great day at the beach, it was fun to feel the sand with my bare feet. Gwennie is out swimming while I rest under the cabana with our picnic basket. I wonder if I should stir up trouble and yell "Shark!" Duvet Day created the fantastic Beach cabana for Jersey Shore June 3-30. This comes... Continue Reading →

Sky House

It's not all about fashion over at Twe12ve's Lucky Event March 12-30. We have home and garden items as well, so I'm going to show you some of these great creations. Starting with the Lucky House by Sass Buildz, This is a skybox that is 15X32 and 27LI, perfect for anyone with a small parcel... Continue Reading →


A sexy seductress, Valentina lures them in with that barely there harness and thigh high laced heels. A jewel adoring her forehead and bright ruby kissable lips. Vengeful Threads continues their tradition of amazing artistry in makeup with their Catwa - Valentina Makeup & Adornment exclusive for Twe12ve Feb 12-28th. This includes the makeup, forehead... Continue Reading →

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