Holiday Shopping

All dressed up to go shopping, I have my new handbag, and put on a gown with some heels. One always needs to make the best impression when shopping at the mall, and you just never know who you may run into there. I am wearing a lovely dress called Jackie, designed by Le Fashion... Continue Reading →

Beach Bummin

Beach bummin in style with these great items from the Under the Sea Cart Sale. Got a great set of chairs for conversing, some for suntanning and when it's a bit too hot, we can go inside the hut and relax while looking at some great art. One of the lamps accidently got broke, but... Continue Reading →

Beautiful Summer

This great dress is a creation by Toxic H, and perfect for summer days or nights. A casual outing or dress it up with some accessories for a great date look. I combined this look with some jewelry by Glint and shoes by Clarity Moon, so a dressy casual type of style. An updo by... Continue Reading →

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