Lazy Afternoon Sun

There's nothing like sitting out in the warm summer sun first thing in the morning, when it isn't too hot and not to cold, just perfect. Having some great refreshments helps as well, morning time out on the beach is the way to go.   7 Deadly s[K]ins designed the gorgeous Olivia. This is an... Continue Reading →

Picnic on the Beach

Great day at the beach, it was fun to feel the sand with my bare feet. Gwennie is out swimming while I rest under the cabana with our picnic basket. I wonder if I should stir up trouble and yell "Shark!" Duvet Day created the fantastic Beach cabana for Jersey Shore June 3-30. This comes... Continue Reading →

We Are Bloomin Family

Gwennie and I managed to drag Rodd and Sarlah Stark out of their hiding places to do a pose with us. This great pose is one by Something New called Bloomin' Friends and is their exclusive at Twe12ve’s Bloom round – May 12-30. It includes the flower pot and two flower crowns. EARTHWORX created the... Continue Reading →

It’s All Coming Up Blooms!

    I'd like to show you another fantastic bunch of decor items available at Twe12ve's Bloom Round May 12-31 There is so much to be found at this event, including the fashions, gacha collections and of course these great items to decorate our homes and gardens with such as the lovely Bloom Collection by... Continue Reading →

Backyard Gambling Spot

Such a nice night tonight, and we've set up our own little casino in the backyard. Luck is running high tonight as well, I have managed to win several M&Ms. YAY!! Something New created the great props seen in the picture above. The table, called Lucky Seven, comes with poseballs for 4 avatars, while the... Continue Reading →

Killer Cupid

Just sitting here on our new love couch, minding my own business and in comes Cupid, well, I think it is Cupid anyways! He hasn't been eating very well if it is, I casually glance over at his skeletal form and blink as he shoots an arrow at me! What the...???? Oh yeah, it is... Continue Reading →

Holiday Greetings

 It's after Christmas but the holidays haven't ended yet and neither has Xmas Gacha Maze Event running from 18 December to 1 January 2017! There's still time to head over there and snag up a few great items and pick up gifts from talented designers.  This Christmas Tree by TAMMAS is one of those gifts,... Continue Reading →


I ventured upstairs last night to see what I could find up there, and was pleasantly surprised at what I did find. Wearing a cute new dress and heels, I looked about, and spotted a big fluffy pillow seat to lounge on. Along with a deck of cards, and various other items, which I'll sit... Continue Reading →

Memories of the Cottage

It isn't huge, but it isn't tiny either. A home with just the right amount of space for Gwennie and I, I love this place and just had to make it a special getaway for us. Sass Buildz made this absolutely fantastic cottage for Twe12ve's Memories Round. November 12-30th. I decorated inside with even more... Continue Reading →

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