Prancing on the Docks

I love to go down to the docks in the evenings just as the sun is beginning to set and wander around, sometimes put my feet into the water and splash them, teasing the fish below. It's just a very relaxing part of my day. Shopping List (Sponsors in Bold Print) Akeruka - [AK Deluxe]... Continue Reading →

Decorating Fever

  I am sooo happy with how this room turned out. The colors and the halloween theme worked perfectly and I was even able to bring in my newest doll collection. It appears the dog is pretty happy with this as well and I feel so great in my new outfit, that we are going... Continue Reading →

Pumpkin Patch

The days are getting shorter and we have warm days and cooler ones. The gray skies have begun to move in fog covers the ground like a fuzzy blanket, holding in the warmth. Resting here, waiting for Gwen to finish her errand, I realize it was getting a bit too warm.  LISA by  7 Deadly... Continue Reading →

Cute N Sassy

7 Deadly s[K]ins has another fantastic new skin for us named, Anoushka. This comes in two different boxes, containing dark/tanned skins and the lighter/pale ones. There is also a shape available! It is an omega face and body applier based skin, with an all in one applier to make it much easier to wear. This... Continue Reading →

Time for Grub

Hey! How's a girl supposed to get any food around here? I guess I'll just have to serve it up myself, and I am all dressed up. Anyone have an apron? Nails created by Go Frock Yourself for Belleza, Slink and Now Omega! These include a 10 color hud to mix and match up if... Continue Reading →


They called her Mysa, mother, and she road a great steed with dragons following close behind. At times, one could even spot the silver haired beauty resting upon a rock, a dragon curled up close to her, much like a dog would with it's master.   7 Deadly s[K]ins has another fantastic new skin for... Continue Reading →

Refusing to Move On

He was dead! The angry mob had murdered her brother and as the news began to register, eyes looked off into the distance, without emotion upon her feminine visage. But, within, the wheels were already turning, plotting revenge. She would first prepare and go visit the family crypt where his body would be placed without... Continue Reading →

I Believe I Can Fly

In our dreams we can do anything and so with the lightest of feet, and help from some balloons, I believed I could fly. Let's hope this doesn't end badly.. Pose is called Dreams by ENIIPose. An exclusive for Twe12ve July 12-31, it includes the prop and pose. I love LOVE this new skin by... Continue Reading →

Before a Night Dancing

 7 Deadly s[K]ins has created another gorgeous skin named, Brandy. This is a Lelutka mesh head applier based skin modeled after the Simone bento mesh head. It comes in your choice of two different skin boxes/huds with 5 skin tones each. The Dark/tanned box contains the tones walnut, oak, taupe, pineapple and cashew which will... Continue Reading →

Beyond the Wall

I ventured beyond the wall at our home to see what I could spot out in the forest area. The flowers are in full bloom and I did see a few of the animals that like to hide around here. I am wearing a new outfit by The Little Bat today. This is the Layla... Continue Reading →

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