Shabby Chic Love

 A great little corner of the room filled with more amazing items available at Boardwalk May 15 - June 15 InsurreKtion - brings us the  Ellen Living Set (PG) The full set is material enabled,  and includes 10 leather textures, 8 blanket textures, 2 metal, 60 animations, fully control light menu,  as well as copy/mod... Continue Reading →

The Dorm Room

I'm was so amazed that the Aidan is keeping his dorm room clean when I popped in for a surprise visit yesterday! Good job pup! ELLAs -  3 Books and Shelves Can be purchased as a fat pack or separately in dark or light options.In the collection is: Ladder Shelf Dark -ladder shelf dark with... Continue Reading →

Home Tour Part 2

OK so now that we have had something to snack on, let's keep checking out the new decor! On to the living room.. Dench Designs - Scampton Set Individually sold pieces include: 1. Frames 2. Shelving with texture change bags, 3. Scampton Seating and Rug with texture change options 4. Scampton Fireplace with rug which... Continue Reading →

The Salon

The beauty salon is ready for it's first customer! Now, where'd I place those scissors? More great stuff for you from Boardwalk January 15-February 15 %Percent (Event Sponsor)- Sally sconces Brass and nickel versions included each comes with three light settings. Be aware: will not allow you to enlarge it much without raising the Li %Percent... Continue Reading →

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