The Music Rooms

Welcome to our home! Where we have not one but two music rooms. Mmhmmm I just couldn't make up my mind when I saw both of these beautiful gacha collections by Adorably Strange Wares for the new Gacha Life event October 5-31st Location TBA. Shown first isĀ  the Erstwhile Collection 1. This great collection of... Continue Reading →

My Hoverboard

Oh my goodness, Santa listened and I have a new Hover board! First thing I did was take it out for a test spin, and found some really cool lights to spin it in! Alright, so it isn't Christmas yet, and I ummm opened my gift up early, but in my defense, I was in... Continue Reading →

A Touch of Madness

A touch of class, perhaps a little touch of madness, as I decorate the room, leaving about some skulls and a baby dragon in a cage. I know the dragon cannot remain there long or it would never grow to it's full size. The large leather chair and darkness of the fireplace are only made... Continue Reading →

A Bit Vintage

OMG .... Look what we found while out shopping the other day! Talk about a real true find. It works so perfectly with the ensemble we were looking to add to that we couldn't say no to this set. True to form it has two colors and all three pieces to it. a rare find... Continue Reading →

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