Cute N Sassy

7 Deadly s[K]ins has another fantastic new skin for us named, Anoushka. This comes in two different boxes, containing dark/tanned skins and the lighter/pale ones. There is also a shape available! It is an omega face and body applier based skin, with an all in one applier to make it much easier to wear. This... Continue Reading →


Gwen and I decided it was time to take some sweet pictures of ourselves. You know the ones, cute, couple photos. But, for some reason, felt like something wasn't quite right. When we got the pictures back, we notice two very familiar faces in the background! Of course, we recruited Sarlah and set out to... Continue Reading →


I dragged Rodd out of his bed, because I wanted to show you this great new outfit! Yes, it's warm outside, and he has on his pajama bottoms. His wife is still asleep of course, and besides, he needs some serious sun on that pale skin! 7 Deadly s[K]ins created the sweet skin, Honey for... Continue Reading →

Love on the beach

Models Rodd and Sarlah Stark granted me permission to take a few pictures while they were snuggling on the beach. But, I think that Rodd needs a wee bit more sun, he's looking pale compared to his wife. Maybe that's why he didn't show up to take me to the mall the other day, grrr.... Continue Reading →

Chasing the Fairy

I ran out of the house because I could hear soft giggling in the woods. They all said to beware,for it meant the fae were out to play. But that was the entire point! My favorite little fairy was near and I was going to join her for some magical times within the sparkling lights... Continue Reading →

Date At The Carnival

 My love took me to the carnival at New Brighton and gave me a beautiful single red rose! I held onto it tight as I prepared to get onto the carousel and flashed a smile at her. This was the best date ever! 7 Deadly s[K]ins created another gorgeous skin called, Bianca. This skin is... Continue Reading →

We Are Bloomin Family

Gwennie and I managed to drag Rodd and Sarlah Stark out of their hiding places to do a pose with us. This great pose is one by Something New called Bloomin' Friends and is their exclusive at Twe12ve’s Bloom round – May 12-30. It includes the flower pot and two flower crowns. EARTHWORX created the... Continue Reading →

First Time On The Horse

He was proud of himself, having talked his younger sister into getting onto the unicorn. She had whimpered and begged him not to do so. Despite protesting that it would ruin her new dress and their parents would be horribly upset, and that she only had on slippers and could break and ankle, the truth... Continue Reading →

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