Ever Changing Aer

 7 Deadly s[K]ins brings a new skin to the table for us with the gorgeous Hawai. A face applier skin based on the AK Asya mesh head (worn here with AK’s Camilla mesh head and Maitreya body), this skin is available in several skin tones, each box containing 5 eyebrow versions, blonde, red, brown, black... Continue Reading →

Side by Side

So, I got my bro, Rodd Stark to come out and take some pictures with me. So that I could show you the great new skins by 7 Deadly s{K}ins, as well as my new dress, great poses and tell you about some amazing gifts and sales. So, let's get to it. This pose shown... Continue Reading →

I Love Flowers

Spring is coming and I am enjoying me some pretty flowers at a local farm stand. Of course, one of my mother in law's cats as usual is following me about. It must think I like it or something. The fantastic pose props I am using in this post are Florist by = Fashiowl Poses... Continue Reading →


Family is everything even when it comes to the angels of our family. And Rodd Stark is such a fantastic sport modeling with me for this post, I couldn't resist giving him kudos! Poses Used In this Post Image Essentials has some new Bento poses out and this is one made for couples. A great... Continue Reading →

On The Wild Side

Models: Rodd and Sarlah Stark Rodd and Sarlah decided to hang out a bit on the grounds and discovered that things can get a bit frightening if you aren't prepared. Our overgrown cat, Astro is back and the wolves were intent on photobombing their modeling session. They did survive and were excited to show you... Continue Reading →

My Inner Silence

 Where Pictures were Taken- The Plain of Jars, Tefa of Sand  Poses Used In this Post .:String Me Up:. designed the pose, My Inner Silence for #Hashtag - White Year -  January 15th- 30th. This pose includes the umbrella as well. Standing pose is part of the Fjio Set by .:Joplino:. an exclusive at the... Continue Reading →

Sinful Sunday

Another quiet Sunday out in the city, so I ventured out after sundown with my new hoverboard and took to the streets. A bit chilly, I didn't mind a bit, I was in my own world sailing amongst the lights. I have on a great outfit that is on sale for Sinful Sunday this week... Continue Reading →

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