Come Little Children

Nightmares continue as the full moon rises in the sky. You are in a strange room where the only light appears to be from the front room. Bats are seen flying about and the furniture speaks volumes about the owner of the place. The chair seems to be alive, so you dare not to sit... Continue Reading →

FALLing For You – Collab Post

The Autumn chill is in the air, but Gwen and I are keeping things pretty toasty between us while decorating the yard for the season. Of course, it would probably help if we wore shoes I suppose, but we barely noticed in the heat of the moment.  7 Deadly s[K]ins designed this lovely skin named,... Continue Reading →

Sassy Wiccan

 Out keeping the neighborhood safe from zombies with my awesome new paintball gun! Saw one, but he got away because I stumbled in my heels, I suppose next time I'll wear athletic shoes for this. Loordes of London created the lovely Carbon Footprint heels for Slink high feet. These are on sale this week during... Continue Reading →

Paper Plane Insanity

  Kaerri- Autumn Sunflower Arrangement, Iris & Lily Pail, Glam Orchid Arrangement, Pink Bowl Arrangement 68Main Exclusives 7 Deadly s[K]ins has another beautiful skin about to make a debut this coming week. Mint is an Omega mesh head applier based skin modeled after the LAQ bento face, Gaia. It includes 7 skin tones. The Omega... Continue Reading →

Pumpkin Jammin

We have some new pajamas at our house, and Rodd and I decided to show them off to you while Gwennie is at work. She'll show hers off later, I'm sure of that. So these great pajamas are a new release called Pumpkin Eater for men and women at Facepalm Clothing Company. They come in... Continue Reading →

Wild Thing!

No easy feat to get a motorcycle out onto the beach! But, when it comes to choices, I'm not any good at that. I wanted to ride my bike, but also wanted to head to the beach. No worries, I didn't ride the bike like this, safety always first. 7 Deadly s[K]ins has an amazingly... Continue Reading →

Down the Rabbit Hole

Walking barefoot in a field of flowers, I approached the ruins of the once great empire of Wonderland. Gone were the days of glory, when the red queen would shout down her commands.The days when the named heroine Alice would defy her. Oh that Alice! She really did have to go and ruin everything didn't... Continue Reading →

A Good Book

What a great way to spend some of my free time! This is such a great book, I have a horrible time putting it down. Comfy in my new fuzzy sweater and jeans, enjoying some cookies while out on the porch is livin the high life!  Sweet e's created these great Blue Jeans with Crown... Continue Reading →


It's that time of year when lots of Santa's helpers appear on the grid along with the jolly old fat man. Each trying for the spot at the top of the list of good girls, well most. Some are trying for the bad girl spots. And Noelle is no different with her sexy little side... Continue Reading →

My Hoverboard

Oh my goodness, Santa listened and I have a new Hover board! First thing I did was take it out for a test spin, and found some really cool lights to spin it in! Alright, so it isn't Christmas yet, and I ummm opened my gift up early, but in my defense, I was in... Continue Reading →

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