Feeling Pretty

A new month and a new hunt to enjoy! This hunt by I&Rs Fun with Hunts is called I Feel Pretty and runs from May 1-30. It has two options, a 1L gift that you hunt for, or a purchase option where you can pick up the gift for 25L if you aren't into searching... Continue Reading →

Snuggle Time

 Sometimes, Gwen and I get so busy blogging that we forget to spend some quality time with each other. Both working until late into the night on our individual blogs. So, we decided to do another collaboration blog! YAY!  For Gwen's Styling Information, check out her blog HERE: https://gwennieblog.wordpress.com/2018/01/16/snuggle-time-at-home/ Fantastic Furniture brings us the gorgeous... Continue Reading →

I Love You To Infinity

Fantastic Furniture brings us the gorgeous Infinity Love Bed. This bed includes a texture change menu containing 21 textures. It also has a huge selection of single and couples animations with props. 2 connected glass side tables with lamps, lots of comfy pillows this is one bed that is a must for those passionate nights!... Continue Reading →

Bathing in Style

Fantastic Furniture brings you The Infinity Bathroom. This gorgeous bath includes single animations for male/female plus cuddle animations for couple plus animated water. A touch menu gives you a male or female robe in standard and fitmesh sizes,  or soap, or sponge. There is also the gorgeous wall art and hanging lights you can add... Continue Reading →

Floating Bedroom

Fantastic Furniture has created another amazing bedroom set for us, called the  Contemporary Floating Glass Bedroom. Shown in the picture above is the full set, or these items can be purchased separately. An added perk to purchasing the full set beside it would look fantastic, is that you get a 10% discount! Shown we have... Continue Reading →

YouTube in Bed

There is a fantastic new bedroom set out on the grid! Created by Fantastic Furniture. This YouTube - Web Browser TV Bedroom has a bunch of great features that you can relax and enjoy alone or with a loved one. First is the YouTube - Web Browser TV Bed - Black Leather with a land... Continue Reading →

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