The Dark One

  7 Deadly s[K]ins made another amazing skin, Opal makes it’s debut at the Fantasy Faire Extended to May 4!. This gorgeous fantasy skin comes in 6 different brow options. no brows, pink, blue, gray, black and white. Shown is the black brow version in plain. Each box contains Omega mesh appliers fitted for the... Continue Reading →

Foggy Morning

It's a foggy day out there, not sure if I want to bother going out or not. Nope, I am staying close to home so being comfy is a priority. Sure glad I have on some great comfy clothing right now. The poses used in this post are the Grunge collection by Something New, exclusive... Continue Reading →


A vision to behold, the dragonborn female enters the area. All eyes come to rest upon her, danger and beauty radiating from the commanding stance she has taken. Poses used in this post are Double Take's Gift called, Alpha and Omega, at  Pose Fair 2017 April 14 -29     7 Deadly s[K]ins made another... Continue Reading →

The Gypsy and the Villager

There's a tale among the villagers of a time when a lonely gypsy caravan came to visit. Bringing many wonders along such as whispers of fairies, monsters and other mystical beings. Even the forest creatures would draw close to the strange inhabitants, curious of what tales would be told. But, a friendship developed between the... Continue Reading →

Here Be Dragons

Hidden within the foliage on the beach is a well kept secret born of legends. The villagers will tell you stories of their treasured dragons, but woe to any who seek to harm these creatures. Punishment for doing so is death, quick and painful. Few have seen these creatures and those who have are rumored... Continue Reading →

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