Date At The Carnival

 My love took me to the carnival at New Brighton and gave me a beautiful single red rose! I held onto it tight as I prepared to get onto the carousel and flashed a smile at her. This was the best date ever! 7 Deadly s[K]ins created another gorgeous skin called, Bianca. This skin is... Continue Reading →

Reading the Sunday Evening Post

Sometimes it is just great to sit back in a comfortable chair and relax. Reading a newspaper and listening to some soft music in the background before starting the day. No television news, just simply the dogs, newspaper and I enjoying the rising sun. ~Zo Awesum~ created the lovely pose prop with pose called the... Continue Reading →

My Tulip Field

 I love this time of year, though it is a short lived one, when the tulips bloom and fill the yard with such vibrant colors. We aren't getting much rain here so I decided to water them today and give two of the dogs some time outside while it was warm.  The great poses used... Continue Reading →

A Little Bit Naughty

So, here I sit, lounging about for the day, just waiting for my wife to get home and wearing a skimpy barely there outfit. With a slinky skirt, peek a boo top and bows on high heels, this is definately one I will be staying at home in. But it sure does a fantastic job... Continue Reading →

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