A Promise In Her Eyes

Looking into her eyes as we steal a private moment alone, I am awed by the love looking back at me. Many years together on this journey and many more to go, she is my best friend, my love, my champion. .:Joplino:. created this great post called,  Promise in your Eyes, a single couple's pose... Continue Reading →

Hittin The Beach with Gwen and Aer

It's time for some sun and fun! So, Gwennie and I put on new swimsuits and hit the beach. Building a really cool sand castle and just soaking up that vitamin D.   Image Essentials created the poses we are using in this post. There is the pose called, Lean on Me and Partner in... Continue Reading →

Shandi in Spring

A lovely spring day in the garden made even lovelier with a pretty floral print dress to welcome in sunnier days. These great poses are part of the Shandi Pose set by Verocity. This set comes with 6 poses + mirrors. This will be on sale this week at Hello Tuesday! 7 Deadly s[K]ins has... Continue Reading →

Side by Side

So, I got my bro, Rodd Stark to come out and take some pictures with me. So that I could show you the great new skins by 7 Deadly s{K}ins, as well as my new dress, great poses and tell you about some amazing gifts and sales. So, let's get to it. This pose shown... Continue Reading →

It’s a Spring Thing

Trapped in a bottle, but a beautiful bottle for sure. Spring time is here in so many parts of the world, and as the flowers bloom, butterflies take flight. Such a colorful display of Mother Nature's artistic talents. Speaking of artistic talents, Sanna created the fantastic Green Butterfly Pool Textures set as a gift in... Continue Reading →

The Aftermath

The bombs, the screams, terrified masses running through the streets as the infrastructure of the country collapsed. But, not everyone was in a hurry to leave, some of the elite, the hunters, took to the streets in search of prey. The perfect setting for those who normally lived among the ruins unnoticed. Hardcore Clothing designed... Continue Reading →

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