Forgot to Stop Hoppin

I know that Easter is officially over but the great chocolate sales have now begun! Almost as good as the after Valentine's Day sales. Actually, I was taken away to that other realm and didn't get this blogged earlier, but wanted to show off these amazing items. Skin and Appearance  7 Deadly s[K]ins created the... Continue Reading →

It’s Your Birthright

It's that time of year when all sorts of fun is to be had. Such as the hunts and games now open. One in particular that opened yesterday is the Birthright Game by Pulse Games Oct 19-31. The hud is $50L to purchase and there are SOOOOOOO many prizes to be found which are all... Continue Reading →

Relaxation Time

So, Gwen and I are in the midst of decorating and decided that we needed some stuff out on the beach as well. After all, it's where we spent most of our down time. With some fantastic items from hunts, we just had to show them to you! All the hunt prizes shown in this... Continue Reading →

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