Fallen, battered, tormented, a loss of grace, this angel suffers on.    7 Deadly s[K]ins created the lovely skin, Perla. She comes in your choice of two skin packs, lights or darks ( I am wearing marshmallow browless option from the lights pack). This is an Omega applier for both body AND face together, and... Continue Reading →

The Enforcer

So here I stand, keeping the minions in line for the bosses. I did get to wear this fantastic new outfit though! I have on the lovely Queen Set by FurtaCor* which includes the crop, mask, handcuff necklace and leather bracelet and boots. As well as a 10 color change hud plus gold and silver... Continue Reading →

Picture Time

I walked for hours and hours to find the right place with some rolling hills in the background and the grass prairie at my little feet and I found the perfect place to take some awesome pictures. It was a blast from the past taking pictures with my new camera. Now where did that little... Continue Reading →

Sexy Devil

 I feel sooo sexy in my new costume, I can't wait to show it off at the costume party! I wonder what Gwennie is going to wear, she likes to surprise me. Are you attending any parties this year? Poses used in this post are Pose Set Naked poses 1 & 2, Sensual Feeling 1... Continue Reading →

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