Sparkly Beachwear

 Feeling sparkly as a mermaid as I prepare to hit the beach today. Shopping List (Sponsors in Bold Print) Skin: The Face -  Maya Available in several skin tones (shown here in  SPF 30 Fiore Tone) This includes the Catwa  applier with brown brows, no eyebrow option, the shape for Maitreya/Catwa, and eyebrows shape.  Body... Continue Reading →

Simply Elegant

Some great gacha items at  Gacha Life's August Glam round August 5-31,  were used to decorate this classy little corner of our home. Simply Shelby  created the 3D Butterfly Print hanging on the wall. This is part of the Glitzy Butterfly Gacha, which consists of 12 common, 4 uncommon and 6 rare items ro collect.... Continue Reading →

It’s a Glam Life

Great gacha items await you at  Gacha Life's August Glam round August 5-31.! Pretty up your space with some of these great items. DRAMA- Glam Girl rugs and bean bag chairs gacha . Slice of Life rugs and bean bag chairs with 4 single sit poses each. There are 10 different bean bag chairs and... Continue Reading →

Lost in the Catacombs

  It was pouring rain outside so I dashed into a dimly lit tunnel. A bit nervous about the darkness inside, I started towards some flickering light at the end of the tunnel, only to find myself taking a wrong turn somehow. It should have been straight forward, but when I looked back, nothing appeared... Continue Reading →

Ice Cream Dreams

Summertime, Summertime, sun, fun and treats! Body Styling Skin:  7 Deadly s[K]ins  has done it again! The lovely Spring, Omega face and body applier, will be making her debut at Spring Flair April 7-28 . This comes in your choice of darks or lights boxes containing 7 different skin tones. There is also a shape... Continue Reading →

Sadistic Seductress

They swore that they would love and serve me until their last breath and I have held them to that and beyond. Carving my art into their flesh and forcing them to my will. They thought they were hunting a witch when in fact I was hunting them. Pose shown is Deathly Owned by Something... Continue Reading →


I love the sound of thunder as the storms approach, loud enough to wake the dead...literally. Skin worn: VYRA by  7 Deadly s[K]ins is an Omega based mesh head & body applier based on the Catwa bento mesh heads. It includes 6 skin tones and can be found on sale at Applique which opens October... Continue Reading →

The Music Rooms

Welcome to our home! Where we have not one but two music rooms. Mmhmmm I just couldn't make up my mind when I saw both of these beautiful gacha collections by Adorably Strange Wares for the new Gacha Life event October 5-31st Location TBA. Shown first is  the Erstwhile Collection 1. This great collection of... Continue Reading →

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